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As a Competitor – Athlete, Coach or Fan, you are a skilled person. You have talents and abilities. You have expectations and deliver results. But for a Christian Competitor, being skilled is just the beginning. 

 Download the Creed
You can download a 8" x 10" poster of the Competitor's Creed.
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Competitor's Creed
Bible Studies

 Right from our Huddle Playbook, these studies go along with our Creed. Download (.pdf)


 Listen to the Creed

 Hear former NFL Bronco,
Steve Fitzhugh perform the
Competitor's Creed.


A Christian Competitor aims to become like Jesus Christ - the greatest competitor of all time. He is the greatest competitor for the souls of men … the greatest champion to hang on the cross … the greatest teammate to lift up those around him … the greatest captain to build a lasting team.

If you want to play like Christ every time you put on your uniform, lace up your shoes or walk out of the locker room, then you are ready to sign The Competitor's Creed.

This is a Creed for Christians who want their love for sports to become evidence of their love for Christ. This is a Creed that declares your membership on TEAM FCA - the Team that wears the Jersey of Jesus.

What are people saying about the Creed?

"FCA has really helped me in my walk with Christ so hopefully with the daily devotional and newsletters to hear what other Christians are doing in their school it will keep me strong. I also keep the competitors creed in my lockerso it’s a good reminder."

"This Creed has helped me so much! It is totally what I have needed to connect my faith with my athletics! I want to live this creed out to the full extent! I am definitely going to read it before each one of my gamesand practices!"

"I am the principal of Strasburg High School and am very interested in introducing our athletes to the FCA and a relationship with Christ. Pleasehelp me get this program rolling at our school. Thanks. "

I still have questions about TEAM FCA.


I am ready...

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